Do you have a life insurance policy you don't need or can no longer afford? It may contain hidden value you can use for financial security.

What is a Life Settlement?

A life settlement is when a policyholder sells their policy for a lump sum cash payment. 99% of all policies are abandoned or sold back to the insurance company for pennies on the dollar. A life settlement can provide competitive offers for the real value of a policy. Does your policy qualify for a settlement? Click 'Get Started Now' to get an easy, no-obligation quote.

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What a Life Insurance Settlement Could Do For You:

  • When you transfer a policy, you may receive cash in one lump sum
  • Eliminate your need to pay any future premiums
  • You may obtain a larger cash payout your insurer would otherwise pay

How It Works

You will be guided through each step of the process while bids are solicited from the market’s top buyers. In a matter of weeks you could have a check in your hands, and no more monthly premium payments.

Can I Sell My Policy?

Anyone with a term or permanent life policy can qualify. This includes people who can no longer afford their premium payments, no longer need their life insurance, or simply have a greater need for cash. A policy with face value of $90,000 or more on an insured who is over 70 years of age may qualify for a settlement, regardless of the insured's current health condition.

The Life Settlement Industry has provided policy owners with billions of dollars of additional value for their policies. Call to speak to a specialist and learn more about the hidden value of your policy!

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