How Life Settlements Can Boost Your Portfolio

by Joe Borowiec

As a financial advisor or agent, you’re likely always on the hunt for ways to grow your client portfolio and expand your expertise. Until recently, life settlements were an oft-overlooked source of income for senior clients seeking financial relief.

Getting Ahead of the Curve

One reason life settlements have not been pursued in the past has a lot to do with public perception—or in some cases, misperception. In years past, the industry endured negative press coverage, causing policyholders to regard life…

Debt Management Strategies for Seniors

by Joe Borowiec

As a senior preparing for retirement, it’s a good idea to plan ahead so you can avoid losing your financial footing. Without a steady paycheck, it can be hard to handle medical bills, housing costs, everyday expenses and existing debt. According to the Survey of Consumer Finances, debt among…

Alternatives to Lapsing an Underperforming Life Insurance Policy

by Joe Borowiec

When you purchased your life insurance policy, it was probably a wise investment. Perhaps you had just gotten hitched, bought a new home or welcomed your first child into the family. These are all great reasons to capitalize on the safety, security and peace of mind a life insurance policy can bring. However, as you age, your life circumstances will inevitably change—and so will your insurance coverage needs.

A growing number of seniors are finding that their life insurance policies are no longer serving them, and for some, they’re…

How Baby Boomers Can Make the Most of Their Retirement Funds

by Joe Borowiec

When it comes time to clear off your desk, bid your co-workers farewell and enter the next phase of your life, will you be financially prepared for retirement? According to countless national polls and research studies, many older adults are far…

3 Questions That Can Help You Decide If a Life Settlement Is Right for You

by Joe Borowiec

When it comes to matters of the wallet, it can be tough to know exactly which potential purchases or investments will work out in your favor. This is especially true of older adults who often are particularly vulnerable to nefarious schemes, scams and fraud. But even for seniors with limited financial acumen, there are safe options that promise monetary relief during times of need.

One option that’s growing in popularity among senior citizens is a transaction known as a life settlement. This type of transaction takes place on the…

All for One and One for All: How Life Settlements Help Policyholders and Their Advisors

by Joe Borowiec

All for One and One for All: How Life Settlements Help Policyholders and Their Advisors

By Joe Borowiec

Until recently, many life insurance policyholders were completely unaware of the secondary market where life policies can be bought and sold—a transaction known as a life settlement. Others may have heard of life settlements, but only in a negative context. Years ago, life settlements were commonly considered risky for seniors vulnerable to financial predators. However, laws have since been enacted to augment…

Creating a Post-Retirement Checklist for Your Client

by Joe Borowiec

With an average of 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day, the sheer number of seniors exiting the workforce and entering their retirement years is growing at a rapid pace. Another more worrisome statistic points to a lack of preparedness for this major life change: Just one in 10 boomers strongly agree…

Common Life Settlement Myths Debunked

by Joe Borowiec

For years, life settlements flew under the radar as unknown and untapped sources of financial support available to seniors no longer in need of their term, whole or universal life insurance policy. Because so few people knew—and still don’t know—the facts about life settlements and how they work, several falsehoods and myths have proliferated over time. While policyholders and insurance professionals alike have a good deal yet to learn about the life settlement industry, new resources are becoming available to educate the public about…

Life Settlement Timeline: What to Expect and When

by Joe Borowiec

Aging out of the workforce and entering your retirement years can feel both exciting and unnerving—there are life events to plan for, funds to squirrel away for future needs and lots more life to live. This can make planning difficult, especially for those who need help assessing their personal finances or assets. Unsure of what possibilities to prepare for, many seniors never explore the full breadth of their financial options. 

A life settlement, defined as the payment you receive after selling your term, whole or universal…

Educating Your Clients About Their Life Settlement Options

by Joe Borowiec

If there’s one challenge facing financial advisers, life insurance agents and their clients alike, it’s a distinct lack of resources detailing how life settlements work. Without understanding your options—or the options available to your senior clients—it’s impossible to make informed decisions about the future.

To further complicate matters, life settlements fell victim to bad press during the market’s early years when it was still a nascent industry. Myths and misinformation took hold of the public’s perception, and…

Tax Laws and Life Settlements: What Policyholders Need to Know

by Joe Borowiec

Unless you earn a living as a CPA or bookkeeper, you probably find taxes to be a complex, even mystifying part of managing your finances. Survey data indicate that most American adults receive an “F” when it comes to understanding…

Should Your Parents Sell Their Life Insurance?

by Joe Borowiec

As your parents grow older, several transformations will occur that can have an effect on everything from their health to their finances. Sometimes seniors need help making decisions about their future, and they frequently rely on their adult children to assist them with these major life changes.

All too often, older adults don’t have enough financial support to make it comfortably through retirement, and this is a common concern among many older Americans. In a survey…

Guiding Your Client Through the Life Settlement Process

by Joe Borowiec

The life settlement industry was established over 20 years ago; however, it remains an oft-overlooked piece of the life insurance and investment puzzle. Insurance agents and policyholders alike sometimes struggle to grasp the financial stability life settlements can provide, due primarily to a lack of readily available resources. Although they’ve been around for a while, life settlements have not historically received much attention or public awareness.

Life settlement…

Understanding Your Life Insurance Policy's Value on the Secondary Market

by Joe Borowiec

Many life insurance policyholders reach a point when they no longer wish to maintain their policy. There are often several factors that influence a person’s decision to sell their policy and pursue other options. For example, lots of people find it difficult to afford their monthly or annual premiums, especially if those payments increase over time. In other cases, a policyholder may lose a spouse or family member who’d been designated as the beneficiary on their policy, leaving no one to collect the death…

Understanding Different Types of Life Insurance

by Joe Borowiec

Shopping for a life insurance policy can be a daunting task if you haven’t done your research. Although the insurance world can be a tricky one to navigate at times, learning the basic concepts and terminology is half the battle. Once you understand the different types of policies available to you, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each option, you’ll be in a better position to start making decisions about your life insurance needs.

But before you consult an…

It's All About Timing: When Should You Sell Your Life Insurance Policy?

by Joe Borowiec

Thanks to advancements in modern medicine, people are living longer than ever before. In fact, the United States alone is home to almost 72,000 centenarians

Leveraging Life Settlement Money for Retirement

by Joe Borowiec

Reaching retirement age can be a bittersweet milestone for many people. On one hand, leaving your job or career presents a number of alluring perks: You can spend more time with your family and friends, focus on your hobbies and even take that trip to Greece you’ve been dreaming about for decades.

However, fewer and fewer older adults are in a financial position stable enough to support a life of post-retirement leisure.

Why Some Life Insurance Policies Work for Life Settlements and Others Don't

by Joe Borowiec

For seniors who no longer want or need their life insurance policy, a life settlement can be an enticing alternative to letting the policy lapse or surrendering it back to the insurance carrier. However, not all policies are created equal—various factors, including a policy’s size, cost and type, determine its overall value.

Before making the decision to sell your life insurance policy, it’s important to understand why some policies make for better settlements than…

Life Settlements 101: A Beginner's Guide

by Joe Borowiec

If you were tasked with compiling a list of your personal assets, what would be the first things that spring to mind? Chances are, you’d start with your tangible possessions: your house, car, jewelry or antiques. However, intangible items are considered assets, too, including your life insurance policy.

How Life Settlements Work

Just like you can sell your property or your vehicle, you can also sell your life insurance policy.…

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