The Top 3 Investments for Retirees

by Joe Borowiec

Many hardworking adults look forward to the day when they can leave the rat race behind and retire. While retirement offers several perks, it also leads to new challenges. What you gain in free time, for instance, you often lose in income, and this can take a toll on your personal finances.

When the paychecks stop coming in, it’s beneficial to have an investment or two you can lean on for financial stability. Here are a few investments that can help you pad out your retirement savings without taking on undue…

Financial Planning for Seniors on Medicare

by Joe Borowiec

Medicare, the national health insurance program for seniors over the age of 65, is an essential resource for many older adults, and without it, a large portion of the population would suffer from a lack of access to affordable medical care. In 2018 alone,

When Should You Consider Survivorship Insurance?

by Joe Borowiec

Survivorship insurance, also known as joint survivor life insurance or variable survivorship life insurance, covers multiple people under one policy, making it an appealing option for spouses, parents and couples. You may also hear this type of coverage referred to as “second-to-die” insurance because beneficiaries don’t receive the benefit until both insured policyholders pass away.

Survivorship insurance is variable, meaning policyholders benefit from a cash value component in which a portion of each premium payment is put…


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