Finding Financial Relief After a Cancer Diagnosis

by Joe Borowiec

Combating cancer can be one of the most difficult challenges of a person’s life, and it is one that requires a great deal of mental, emotional and financial fortitude. Beyond the physical hurdles and side effects that coincide with most cancer diagnoses, there is the added hardship of paying for treatment.

Cancer takes place at the cellular level, occurring when abnormal cells develop and spread…

How Life Settlements Can Boost Your Portfolio

by Joe Borowiec

As a financial advisor or agent, you’re likely always on the hunt for ways to grow your client portfolio and expand your expertise. Until recently, life settlements were an oft-overlooked source of income for senior clients seeking financial relief.

Getting Ahead of the Curve

One reason life settlements have not been pursued in the past has a lot to do with public perception—or in some cases, misperception. In years past, the industry endured negative press coverage, causing policyholders to regard life…

5 Great Vacation Spots for Seniors

by Joe Borowiec

The best part of nearing retirement is planning for the adventures that will occupy your idle weekdays.* Though metropolitan bustle and sun-scorched sand may have defined the travel destinations of your youth, your golden years are better served by natural marvels, intimate dining, and uplifting experiences. 

Here are 5 destinations that will stimulate the senses without bludgeoning them,…


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